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Tiny Music Quiz

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Tiny Music Quiz is a Music Quiz game for Android!

Challenge your knowledge of your own music library! Tiny Music Quiz generates questions randomly based on your personal music library meta data. Tiny Music Quiz is a low footprint, casual game, designed to take you from startup to having fun in no time: no complex menu navigation, no over the top unnecessary presentation! Tiny Music Quiz is all about testing your music knowledge and having fun in the process.

You can get it right now on Google Play, for free of course 🙂

The app is currently localized for English (US), English (UK) and Portuguese. In order to play Tiny Music Quiz you need to have some songs in your phone’s music library. You should also note that the correctness of the questions you will get depends on your music metadata tags being correct!

Get it on Google Play

Tiny Music Quiz - Android Market

Get the Tiny Music Quiz Android app from SlideME.

Get it on GetJar as well.


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